“I heard this beautiful music and it was like the sun came out.”
Patricia Haddock, Founder and Former Co-Director, Rehoboth Beach VegFest
“We got wonderful feedback about the music all day, both from visitors and volunteers.”
Terry Cummings, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
“Everybody told us they thought you were great – which you are!”
Kendra Arnold, Founding Director of the New Jersey Vegfest and Vegan Pop-Up Shops
“You guys were incredible and we can’t wait to have you back next year.”
Luv-n-Bunns — Rabbit Rescue Group and Organizers of the Northeast BunFest
“If I were to make up the perfect iTunes list, I couldn’t do better than your choice of songs.”
Freakin’ Vegan Food and Catering; Vendor at New Jersey Vegan Pop-Up Shops
“The event was so much better because of your music.”
Lots of festival vendors and exhibitors